Categories: General
      Date: Jun 10, 2013
     Title: Teacake Tuesday supports ARTICLE magazine launch

ARTICLE magazine is a stunning new menswear magazine founded by stylist and fashion editor Kenny Ho and art director Rosy Tsai. The publication is a carefully crafted celebration of all things British and British-related. Set to be bi-annual, its key aim is to share with its audience the things which make Britain great: art, design, culture, entertainment, and contemporary men's fashion, explored from a unique, intensley personal perspective. The first issue features a collaboration with artist and architect Heidi Locher called 'The Circular Project' illustrated with an exclusive series of evocative photographic images. Another features delves into the world of Oliver Ruuger, a thought provoking leather craftsman. Every detail is sensitively directed and carefully considered, the result? A magazine with a distinctive art-influenced sensibility, and edge...

Teacake Tuesday was proud to support the launch in more ways than one (we didn't know Gin slinging was a skill until recently!) Thanks to White Space and Greenalls Gin the key sponsors of the launch event.

A specially crafted cocktail was the order of the night, entitled " The 'Gin'uine article here' the recipe devised by Mixologist Kristin Neely:

2 slices cucumber

Chopped fresh ginger

Basil leaves

Double measure of Greenalls Gin

Measure of Agave/sugar syrup

Fresh cloudy apple juice

Crushed ice