Categories: General
      Date: Sep 17, 2019
     Title: Copywriting Services For Craig and Rose

We were recently commissioned to undertake a series of copywriting activities to support the Craig and Rose 2019 London Design Fair presentation in conjunction with Calzada Fox. Entitled 'Colour Way' this presentation set out to show that one of the UK's oldest luxury paint manufacturers could also be 'paint protagonists' for current audiences. Craig and Rose had commissioned Calzada Fox, one of the UK's most interesting colour creative agencies to spearhead the overall concept which undertook to challenge visitor's understanding of colour would be challenged in a unique way.

Teacake Tuesday was tasked to write a series of statements about the concept and explaining how visitors would be taken on a special journey on which they would develop their own personal relationships with a set of carefully curated colour combinations, all seen within a unique architectural framework designed by East London architectural practice Studio Shaw.

The Colour Way installation paid homage to the London Design Fair's overarching theme of Bauhaus, and explored the movements design principles of honesty and simplicity.