Categories: General
      Date: Feb 12, 2014
     Title: Teacake Tuesday goes to Vegas for Liberty Fair

Having worked on a prestigious project with tailoring client Timothy Everest for The International Woolmark Company, Teacake Tuesday was lucky enough to be invited to help host a trade show event out at the acclaimed Liberty Fair in Las Vegas to present a new concept for the Urban Wool category. Tasked with a project to take wool into the heart of today's urban mix, the two brands embarked upon an exciting new journey to produce a conceptual collection called 'Hemisphere'. This exclusive collection was devised and created to draw on Everest's tailoring heritage but repurposing it using innovative wool-based fabrics that would connect with today's international casual style.

During the three days presenting the new collection, Teacake Tuesday met with leading US and International press to talk about the collection.

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