Categories: General
      Date: Mar  2, 2018
     Title: Marion Foale Knitwear

We have recently been appointed to work with knitwear guru Marion Foale on a number of activities including a trade press brief and a B2C campaign. Marion is the stuff of legends, with over six decades of hands-on fashion and designing she is still at the top of her game. Marion was formerly one half of the funky duo Foale and Tuffin famous for their imaginative boutique on Carnaby Street in the swinging sixties. Marion now boasts an international business and UK wide network of hand knitters all making her stunning high quality designs. Marion still designs for a number of leading brands including none other than British icon Margaret Howell. The business operates not just under Marion's watchful eye but also that of an experienced senior team. We will work with the company on a number of projects.

Marion has designed pieces for films and celebrities including Susannah York and Warren Beatty and worked with names such as Mary Quant and M&S. Her work has previously been displayed at the Fashion and Textile Museum and she also famous for having designed the Queen's mantle.